Zatch Bell Volume 1 Cover

Chapter Listing:

Chapter 001- Kiyomaro, the Hero

Chapter 002- The Unreadable Book

Chapter 003- Lightning From the Heart

Chapter 004- Kiyomaro, Popular

Chapter 005- Tool or Human

Chapter 006- Kiyomaro's Trump Card

Chapter 007- First Fight

Chapter 008- Qualifications to Become a King


Zatch Bell Volume 2 Cover

Chapter 009- My Turn

Chapter 010- A Fight With Destiny

Chapter 011- Kiyomaro, Hospitalized

Chapter 012- Where is the Book!?

Chapter 013- Moving Targets

Chapter 014- Protecting Hearts

Chapter 015- Limits to the Power

Chapter 016- Real Family

Chapter 017- Tears of a Demon

Chapter 018- A Kind King

Zatch Bell Volume 3 Cover

Zatch Bell Volume 3 Cover

Chapter 019- The Third Spell

Chapter 020- A Hope Beyond Reckoning

Chapter 021- Friendship Curry

Chapter 022- A Useless Conflict

Chapter 023- Mama's Wish

Chapter 024- A Powerful Form

Chapter 025- My Will

Chapter 026- Kind Kiyomaro

Chapter 027- The Invincible Hero

Chapter 028- Beatable Opponent

Konjiki.No Gash 4 Cover

Zatch Bell Volume 4 Cover

Chapter 029- The Statue's Challenge

Chapter 030- The Mystery of the Invulnerable Body

Chapter 031- A Final Message

Chapter 032- Gash's Secrets

Chapter 033- Motherly Feelings

Chapter 034- The Worst Kind of Teacher

Chapter 035- A World of Only Enemies

Chapter 036- Lonely Warrior

Chapter 037- An Accumulation of Battles

Chapter 038- A Trustworthy Comrade

Zatch Bell Volume 5 Cover

Zatch Bell Volume 5 Cover

Chapter 039- Kiyomaro's Summer Vacation

Chapter 040- A Country of Gentlemen

Chapter 041- The Devil's Castle

Chapter 042- A Hero's Fortitude

Chapter 043- The Largets Demon

Chapter 044- Fear Passes

Chapter 045- Kitomaro's Father

Chapter 046- The Manipulator

Chapter 047- The Fairy Woods

Chapter 048- Stolen Memories


Zatch Bell Volume 6 Cover

Chapter 049- A Strange Dance

Chapter 050- A Battle Without Spells

Chapter 051- The Resolve of a Warrior

Chapter 052- An Annoying Reunion

Chapter 053- An Important Business

Chapter 054- A Friend Above All Others

Chapter 055- A Dark Tunnel

Chapter 056- Meru Meru Me^^^^

Chapter 057- Until That Time


Zatch Bell Volume 7 Cover

Chapter 058- The Strangeness of Suzume

Chapter 059- Free Man

Chapter 060- An unfathomable Power

Chapter 061- Kiyomaro's Strength

Chapter 062- The Strongest Spell

Chapter 063- Battle in the Park

Chapter 064- The Inspiring Sculpture

Chapter 065- Danny's power

Chapter 066- A job well done


Zatch Bell Volume 8 Cover

Chapter 067- The Strongest Combination

Chapter 068- Electric Shock To The Sky

Chapter 069- Ferocious Women

Chapter 070- Home-made cooking of Love

Chapter 071- An Important Person

Chapter 072- The Dangerous Island

Chapter 073- The Courage to Fight

Chapter 074- The Fifth Spell

Chapter Bonus Section- Two Princesses


Zatch Bell Volume 9 Cover

Chapter 075- Gash's Cold

Chapter 076- A Difference in Power

Chapter 077- An Unshakable Heart

Chapter 078- A Day of Happiness

Chapter 079- The True Hero

Chapter 080- The Formless hunter

Chapter 081- Hunter Vs. Prey

Chapter 082- Being Hunted

Chapter 083- As of Yet, An Unknown Object

Chapter 084- The Enigma of the Lithographs


Zatch Bell Volume 10 Cover

Chapter 085- A Reliable Big Brother

Chapter 086- Big Brother's Battle

Chapter 087- The Last Hope

Chapter 088- The Reason he's Invulnerable

Chapter 089- Facing Forward

Chapter 090- Naive Strength

Chapter 091- That Insufficiant Something

Chapter 092- A Difficult Road

Chapter 093- Who's the Caretaker

Chapter 094- An Important Duty


Zatch Bell Volume 11 Cover

Chapter 095- The Twelve Assassins

Chapter 096- The Book's Secret

Chapter 097- The Sixth Spell

Chapter 098- The 30 Second Fighting Chance

Chapter 099- Personality of a King

Chapter 100- Sincere Feelings

Chapter 101- The Worst Compatability

Chapter 102- Hatred's Form

Chapter 103- An Evil Power


Zatch Bell Volume 12 Cover

Chapter 104- The Rematch

Chapter 105- Warriors of a Millenium Past

Chapter 106- Unfeeling Enemies

Chapter 107- Reap What You Sow

Chapter 108- Light

Chapter 109- Lord's True Shape

Chapter 110- The Letter

Chapter 111- A Crybaby

Chapter 112- The Power of Kyanchome

Chapter 113- Power Supply


Zatch Bell Volume 13 Cover

Chapter 114- Choice of a Fighting Style

Chapter 115- Ultimate x Ultimate

Chapter 116- The Promise

Chapter 117- A 'V' Raid

Chapter 118- Glowing Orbs

Chapter 119- Combination!

Chapter 120- Partner

Chapter 121- A Reason Void of Emotion

Chapter 122- Powerful Eyes

Chapter 123- Stronger, Deeper


Zatch Bell Volume 14 Cover

Chapter 124- Conversation of Hearts

Chapter 125- Entrusted Book

Chapter 126- Fighting Together

Chapter 127- Strongest Demon

Chapter 128- The only Way

Chapter 129- Emergency

Chapter 130- Flawless Mode

Chapter 131- The Search for Strength

Chapter 132- What is Left

Chapter 133- A protecting King


Zatch Bell Volume 15 Cover

Chapter 134- Let's Sing Together

Chapter 135- The Person that knows nothing

Chapter 136- My King

Chapter 137- 12 Comrades

Chapter 138- The Secret of Strength

Chapter 139- The Fear of the Lithograph

Chapter 140- The Light pointing towards Darkness

Chapter 141- One More Face

Chapter 142- The unforgiven One

Chapter 143- Sherry's Line


Zatch Bell Volume 16 Cover

Chapter 144- Where We Shall Battle...

Chapter 145- Auto Control

Chapter 146- The Stone Curse

Chapter 147- Guardian of the Moonstone

Chapter 148- The Terrifying War-cry

Chapter 149- The Most Evil Pair

Chapter 150- A Faint Light

Chapter 151- The Unknown Light

Chapter 152- The Final Selfishness

Chapter 153- Without Letting Go...


Zatch Bell Volume 17 Cover

Chapter 154- The Forbidden Spell

Chapter 155- The Seventh Spell

Chapter 156- Now, Gash

Chapter 157- It's Not Over Yet

Chapter 158- True Form

Chapter 159- Mr. Sun and Mr. Moon

Chapter 160- For This Moment

Chapter 161- The Final Revenge

Chapter 162- Become the King, Definately

Volume 17 Side Story- Riddle Professor and Kid's Journey of Light


Zatch Bell Volume 18 Cover

Chapter 163- I'm Back

Chapter 164- An Uneasy Glance

Chapter 165- Q All-Purpose Transformation!

Chapter 166- Data Transcendence

Chapter 167- An impossible Thing

Chapter 168- Search for the Gift

Chapter 169- The Boy that Speaks of the Wind

Chapter 170- Ted and Jeed

Chapter 171- My Friend

Chapter 172- The Power of Baou


Zatch Bell Volume 19 Cover

Chapter 173- He's no Coward

Chapter 174- Safely, No Matter What

Chapter 175- Flare, Fighting Spirit

Chapter 176- That's no Building

Chapter 177- My Classmates

Chapter 178- The Letter to Gash

Chapter 179- The Person...

Chapter 180- Chance Meeting in the Demon World

Chapter 181- A Terrible Figure

Chapter 182- It'll Be Alright Now


Zatch Bell Volume 20 Cover

Chapter 183- Kyle's Shout

Chapter 184- Oyoyo

Chapter 185- Awakening

Chapter 186- A Frightening Spell

Chapter 187- Kiyomaro's Aura

Chapter 188- Leo's Power

Chapter 189- Faudo's True Form

Chapter 190- The Sealed Demon

Chapter 191- Berry's Rival

Chapter 192- A Bad Feeling


Zatch Bell Volume 21 Cover

Chapter 193- Kyanchome's Decision

Chapter 194- Strong Feelings

Chapter 195- The Final Spell

Chapter 196- A New Encounter

Chapter 197- Resolve

Chapter 198- The Way of a King

Chapter 199- The Final Trial

Chapter 200- Meru Meru Me~

Chapter 201- Escape Route

Chapter 202- True Heart


Zatch Bell Volume 22 Cover

Chapter 203- What Must Be Protected

Chapter 204- The Maze Before

Chapter 205- Scary, But...

Chapter 206- Earth's Expectation

Chapter 207- Oddense and Defense

Chapter 208- Light of Hope

Chapter 209- Faudo's Revival

Chapter 210- In Order to Survive

Chapter 211- Battle of Intelligence

Chapter 212- Worst-Case Scenario


Zatch Bell Voume 23 Cover

Chapter 213- Whatever Happens

Chapter 214- Become the King

Chapter 215- Unreaching Voice

Chapter 216- Emotions Put Into a Fist

Chapter 217- Difference of Level

Chapter 218- Faudo Highjacked

Chapter 219- Each One's Resolution

Chapter 220- Resistance Without a Chance of Victory

Chapter 221- Together Without the Form Being Scene

Chapter 222- Two People's Decision

Chapter 223- Last Smile


Zatch Bell Volume 24 Cover

Chapter 224- The Start Towards Despair

Chapter 225- The Path to the Brain

Chapter 226- The Power of 'Godyufa'

Chapter 228- Big Difference

Chapter 229- According to Plan

Chapter 230- However better Reason

Chapter 231- Many Iron Doors

Chapter 232- Fear That Can't Be Wiped Away

Chapter 233- Cry For Help


Zatch Bell Volume 25 Cover

Chapter 234- Please Remember

Chapter 235- Jewel of the Garbage Heap

Chapter 236- What I was Always Watching

Chapter 237- Light Called Allies

Chapter 238- Seems Larger

Chapter 239- Vast Difference in Power

Chapter 240- Eyes of a Lion

Chapter 241- What're you Doing!

Chapter 242- Keep Putting Out Power

Chapter 243- Bond of the Promise


Zatch Bell Volume 26 Cover

Chapter 244- Happy Fight

Chapter 245- Two Standing in the Way

Chapter 246- Do Your Best, Me

Chapter 247- There's No Way I'll Let You

Chapter 248- Decision of Conviction

Chapter 249- Burdened Thoughts

Chapter 250- Bell of Hope

Chapter 251- Until Kiyomaro Comes

Chapter 252- Last Chance

Chapter 253- That Voice Belongs To...


Zatch Bell Volume 27 Cover

Chapter 254- The People Momon Beleived In

Chapter 255- New Power

Chapter 256- Your Own Grave...

Chapter 257- Faudo Draws Near

Chapter 258- Gash and Zeon

Chapter 259- Reason for a Hard Battle

Chapter 260- Dufoux's Ability

Chapter 261- Baou Zakeruga

Chapter 262- Consuming Darkness

Chapter 263- Mysterious Attack


Zatch Bell Volume 28 Cover

Chapter 264- Sniper

Chapter 265- Cherish's Aim

Chapter 266- Tio's Scream

Chapter 267- This Sheild's Strong!

Chapter 268- Still Can Face Foreward

Chapter 269- Only You

Chapter 270- Listen to What I Have to Say

Chapter 271- Sad Power

Chapter 272- This is the Answer

Chapter 273- Zeon's Wish


Zatch Bell Volume 29 Cover

Chapter 274- Faudo Runs Wild

Chapter 275- I Know These Tears

Chapter 276- New Class

Chapter 277- Ahhahhah

Chapter 278- Zeon;s Letter

Chapter 279- The Time Has Come

Chapter 280- The King's Privilege

Chapter 281- Goomu and Mir

Chapter 282- Glad to Be Alive

Chapter 283- Definately Tell


Zatch Bell Volume 30 Cover

Chapter 284- Clear Note

Chapter 285- Give It Up...

Chapter 286- Eyes of Evil

Chapter 287- Prodigy of the Dragon Clan

Chapter 288- Can Still Go Higher

Chapter 289- The Light of the Demons and Demon World

Chapter 290- Ultimate Spell vs Ultimate Spell

Chapter 291- Entrusting a Wish

Chapter 292- 10 Months Remain

Chapter 293- Special Training Plan


Zatch Bell Volume 31 Cover

Chapter 294- Kanchome's Transformation

Chapter 295- Newcomer Talent

Chapter 296- First Friend

Chapter 297- Why That Far

Chapter 298- Unfathomable Strength

Chapter 299- Though Strong

Chapter 300- The Lion and the Hippo

Chapter 301- Already, Tears Are...

Chapter 302- Taking Up The Burden

Chapter 303- Goomu's Friend


Zatch Bell Volume 32 Cover

Chapter 304- Departure

Chapter 305- Reliable Ally

Chapter 306- What was Gained From the Training

Chapter 307- Friend's Path

Chapter 308- Protect Everyone

Chapter 309- See You... Tomorrow

Chapter 310- Strongest Ally

Chapter 311- Lifelong Friend

Chapter 312- Brago's Strategy

Chapter 313- Thoughts' as One

Chapter 314- Power's Control

Chapter 315- The Answer is...

Chapter 316- That Glow is...

Chapter 317- Gash's Allies

Chapter 318- Further Allies

Chapter 319- The Golden Book's 'Power'

Chapter 320- Graduation Ceremony

Chapter 321- Final Fight

Chapter 322- Say Farewell

Chapter 323- Final Chapter- A Letter From Gash