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Welcome to My Konjiki no Gash!!/Zatch Bell Page!!!

This is all about the anime and manga Konjiki no Gash!!/ Zatch Bell!!/ Golden Gash Bell!! created by Makoto Raiku. The series started out in Janurary 2001 and finished in Deember 26 2008. It has 323 chapters spanning 33 Tankoubon (Manga) Volumes. The manga is released every other month (every 2 months). As of June 9, 2009, Viz had released 25 volumes of the series. Unlike the anime DVD's that's for all ages. The manga is rated T for Teens.

News- UPDATED Manga Listings and Season 1 Anime Episodes (no episodes desriptions yet)Edit

Manga Chapters 1-323 & Volume Covers 1-32 is posted. Only Volume 33 Cover isn't uploaded yet (the image uploader isn't working for me for some reason). I had started working on the anime episodes. Seaon 1 (Episodes 001-050) is listed. I'm gonna have to do 2 different pages for the other seasons. After I'm done with those pages. I will try and do character pages for each human/mamodo pairing.

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